Final Boarding Call (Rome)

ROME REGISTRATION CLOSING THIS WEEK. Pam here and truthfully, if I let fear dictate, I wouldn't be writing to you today. I was in your position less than two years ago when I traveled to Buenos Aires with a group similar to Adventurous Life (but with younger - much younger participants). I really wanted to travel, just not alone, and it was really hard to find friends who could travel as often and for as long as I wanted. I took the leap. And let me tell you, that leap was SO far outside my comfort zone... AND [...]

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Birds on a Wire

Like Birds on a Wire Have you ever had "magic mushrooms?" When I (Linda) was 30, I traveled with 3 friends to the highlands of southern Mexico and had my one and only experience with them. But what a memory! It's not the sort of thing I'd normally write you about. But one thing that happened during the experience perfectly illustrates something I wanted to describe to you about the way our Adventurous Life trips work. :-)One of my 3 friends with me in Mexico was the daring sort and discovered where to find fresh mushrooms, so we [...]

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Working in Rome

Working in Rome We've been talking a lot about Rome -- the food, the hidden gems, the opportunity to "find yourself" there on our Adventurous Life trip in September. But don't forget...this is a coworking trip. We are taking solopreneurs and professionals to live AND work in Rome for a month. Why? What's the benefit of working in Rome...or, for that matter, in Bali or any amazing destination?   Because the reality is, work is work, wherever you do it. You write emails, you talk to clients, you do your marketing. Or, it's more project-like: you write a book, [...]

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Secret Gems of Rome

Secret Gems of Rome Yes, Rome is a feast of well-known ancient and historical attractions—the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter's Basilica, etc.But did you know THESE exist in Rome... A keyhole through which the famous St. Peter's dome is perfectly centered (intentionally)?An actual pyramid built in the 18th century BC?A church decorated with the BONES of more than 4,000 friars? It's macabre, but beautiful.A cat sanctuary for homeless or special needs kitties inside the ruins of one of the oldest temples (400-300 BC)—which sits just below busy city streets? The actual birthplace of Fettuccine Alfredo? A Renaissance-era "Monster [...]

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Italian Food

Mmmm... Italian Food The Italians are funny. When they go out of their country, all they want to eat is Italian food, LOL.  That's because they know it's the best!The food is why Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the popular Eat, Pray, Love book, headed to Italy for the first leg of her journey of self-discovery. And also one of the reasons why WE are heading there in September with an Adventurous Life 40+ coworking group! Because there awaits food that is simply divine! The freshest ingredients, the flavors that don't quit, all combined in simple, love-filled celebrations [...]

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THIS is Freedom

THIS is Freedom Ever bumped into someone you haven't seen for a while and that person asks you, "What's new?"You answer, "Same old, same old."But this time, as you respond, it really hits you.You have been doing the same old thing day after day, year after year, looking at the same 4 walls, for FAR too long!What if you could just run away? What if you could live for a bit in a gorgeous international location that inspired you, and run your business from a lovely office space part of the time -- with all the logistical arrangements [...]

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“Find Yourself” in Italy

"Find Yourself" in Italy There comes a time in adulthood when the big reevaluation begins. You might have begun to ask some of these questions already: Where do I/we want to live, now that the kids are gone and creating their own lives? How do we want to live? What do I want my work life to look like? Who will I be and what will I do in the years remaining to me? What's been missing from my life, and where can I find it? Where can I find ME? It can be a time of introspection, of [...]

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The Dream of Italy

The Dream of Italy Back in 2011, I made a radical mid-life decision to live in Italy for half a year. (It's Linda writing.)I was 51 at the time, recently single, and the entire experience was a profound realization of a dream. But it wasn't what I imagined. It was SO much more.Now that I'm helping others to realize big dreams like that for themselves, I thought I'd share some highlights of my experience in the hopes that they inspire something in you, perhaps your own radical mid-life decision. I also have an invitation for you at the end [...]

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Cute Baby Interrupts Scheduled Program…

Cute Baby Interrupts Scheduled Program... Pam here, so excited to share! Yesterday, it was my turn to write to you about your last chance for earlybird savings on our 2018 Adventurous Life coworking travel adventures. But I got a little side-tracked by a teeny-weeny little girl named Everly Claire entering the world.(Side note: Linda approves of that name - especially the middle one! LOL!)I had been texting back and forth with my son all Sunday night. Well, actually for 32 hours, because that's how long the labour was. (Yikes! My poor daughter-in-law.) And finally, at 4:33 am Monday, little Everly was born. So, that's why we're EXTENDING [...]

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