birds on a wire

Like Birds on a Wire

Have you ever had “magic mushrooms?” When I (Linda) was 30, I traveled with 3 friends to the highlands of southern Mexico and had my one and only experience with them. But what a memory!

It’s not the sort of thing I’d normally write you about. But one thing that happened during the experience perfectly illustrates something I wanted to describe to you about the way our Adventurous Life trips work. 🙂

One of my 3 friends with me in Mexico was the daring sort and discovered where to find fresh mushrooms, so we harvested some ourselves, flattening our bodies to the ground whenever a truck rumbled by on the road below!

A few days later, we ate them and spent the day in the tiny Mayan village of Zinacantan, which happened to be having an all-day village festival.

Because the mushrooms were fresh, not dried and concentrated, the mushrooms were not hallucinogenic (thank goodness!). They did, however, make colors and patterns more WAY more vivid, which is saying something, because that particular village is known for its vibrant weavings.

And hearing the wind rustling the leaves of the dried corn stalks on a full-moon night, I felt I understand the origins of their belief in a corn god!

But I digress…

At some point during the day, all the mothers and children sat on white-washed adobe benches hewn out of the walls around the perimeter of the huge church courtyard.

They kept changing configurations. There would be groups of 9 or 10, chatting and gesturing. Then 3 would cross the courtyard and go join a different group; 5 would come from the opposite side to join up with 2; 4 would scoot down to the end of the bench.

Birds on a Wire

They were like birds on a wire, it seemed to me. Flitting here and there. Constantly rearranging themselves into different social groups. Enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company.

In recent weeks, we’ve been having a lot of conversations with people interested in our Adventurous Life coworking trips: to ROME in September and BALI in November.

Inevitably, there’s a question about how things work once everyone’s gotten settled in their apartments and in the coworking space.

This story from Mexico popped back into my head when I was answering that question: we’re like birds on a wire (and the women/kids in Zinacantan)!

Sometimes we get together as a large group:
—> at Pam’s and my apartment, where we host a weekly potluck;
—> at our Freestyle Friday mastermind-like sessions;
—> at our Motivation Monday meetings, where we set our goals for the week (business AND adventures);
—> if we have a local guest presenting on a topic, etc.

Or 1 of our “Adventurous Lifers” will post an invitation in our communication channel to join up for a free walking tour, and 5 will end up going together, sharing a meal afterward.

Or 2 will decide to take a side trip to a village a couple of hours away. Or 1 gets together with a Facebook friend who happens to live in our city. Or 7 of us decide to try out a pizza place that’s said to be amazing. Or 3 of us go to a gathering of locals and expats.

You get the picture, right? Like birds on a wire, we’re constantly rearranging our configuration and enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company.

It’s a free-flow style of traveling that works so much better than being herded like sheep on and off of a bus, doing every activity with the same people 24/7, like you would on a formal “tour.”

And this way, we become like each other’s “scouts,” reporting back on cool discoveries that others in our group might enjoy as well.

If you’re curious about joining us in Rome or Bali this year, please click on one of these 2 links below, and let’s talk about the possibility of you joining us!

We make all the arrangements for you: housing, workspace, phone, community activities and more. All you need to do is get yourself there!

It could well be one of the most memorable experiences of your life! And you won’t need any “magic mushrooms” to feel the magic of either location!