Coworking Space

Working in Rome

We’ve been talking a lot about Rome — the food, the hidden gems, the opportunity to “find yourself” there on our Adventurous Life trip in September.

But don’t forget…this is a coworking trip. We are taking solopreneurs and professionals to live AND work in Rome for a month. Why?

What’s the benefit of working in Rome…or, for that matter, in Bali or any amazing destination?   

Because the reality is, work is work, wherever you do it.

You write emails, you talk to clients, you do your marketing.

Or, it’s more project-like: you write a book, you design a product funnel, etc.

In any case, it’s the same work, regardless of where you’re doing it.

What’s different is YOU when you’re working from a place as beautiful and stimulating and inspiring as Rome. (Or any of our other Adventurous Life destinations!)

Your senses are more alive with all the new sights, sounds and tastes.

Your resourcefulness is in full swing, as you navigate language and getting around the city. Now getting lost—in Rome OR in technology—is no longer scary; it’s an adventure!

Your creativity is stimulated from the stunning attention to beauty that surrounds you everywhere in Rome—beauty that’s both ancient and contemporary.

Your confidence is way up. You’re fulfilling one of your Bucket List items! You’re grocery shopping in Italian! You put an Italian SIM card in your phone! You’re successfully working with clients from freakin’ Rome!

Your sense of what’s possible is expanding, as the world unfolds before you.

Your spirit is singing! You feel more vital and vibrant and HAPPY!

And because YOU are different in this environment, you SHOW UP to your business and your clients with more aliveness, resourcefulness, creativity, confidence and sense of possibility.

—> You may feel renewed enthusiasm for your business.

—> You may experience sudden clarity about a new direction for your business.

—> You may write like you’re on fire with inspiration.

—> You may create products or programs that NEVER would have occurred to you in your “same-old, same-old” routine at home.

—> You may become more visible, as more people pay attention to your travel posts.

There’s SO MUCH good that comes from working in a “bucket list” destination like Rome or Bali or…

We do our BEST work, and get our most inspired ideas when we’re working abroad, cuz it’s truly our HAPPY PLACE

Wouldn’t you like to experience this?

If yes…