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Adventurous Life offers coworking travel adventures to men and women, who are 40 and over and are online business owners, able to take their work and their life to explore destinations around the world.


We love working with journalists around the world to share compelling, unique stories. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk, please send us an email or call Pam Ivey at +1 705.888.6632.

Pam Ivey, Cofounder – pam (at)
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Pam Ivey, Co-founder

Pam IveyThe travel bug has always had a good hold on Pam Ivey, but in the last couple of years, it really sunk its teeth in and bit HARD. In 2017 and 2018, she traveled, worked and lived in Argentina, South Africa, Singapore and Vietnam with a community of young “digital nomads,” and that really opened her eyes to the amazing possibilities of not being tied down to one place. In other words, she’s location independent and able to indulge that travel bug anytime she wants, while still running her multiple businesses.

Though her experiences in Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Singapore and Da Nang were ah-ma-zing, there was one hitch: at 50 and 51, she was decades older than most of the participants…and that can make a gal feel a bit self-conscious. But the experience gave her this bright idea to create a similar experience with an amazing community of 40+ year-olds, people who want to see the world, with an instant community, and still stay productive and earning an income.

Pam approached her friend Linda, who she’s long admired and who she knew has a ton of experience traveling and working in locations all over the planet, to create Adventurous Life together. And now, they’re both working to create unforgettable productive travel adventures for other online entrepreneurs!

Linda Claire Puig, Co-founder

The first time Linda Claire Puig took her business on the road many years ago, she remembers having to cradle her laptop out the window and over a canal in Venice just to get a wifi signal!

Luckily, it’s a lot easier now, and she’s taken full advantage of that! She’s run her business while exploring ancient ruins in Italy, nosing through the farmers markets in the Andean highlands of Ecuador, experiencing the magical northern lights in a remote village off of Norway, in between tango lessons in Buenos Aires, harvesting amber in the Baltics, and in MANY more countries!

While her solo travel adventures always felt life-altering in their own ways, there was always something missing: other people! When Pam approached her with this idea of traveling and working abroad IN COMMUNITY, Linda knew this was the missing puzzle piece. She can’t wait to share her love of traveling and working in exciting destinations with other adventurous entrepreneurs ages 40+ on Adventurous Life trips!

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Adventurous Life High-Res

Adventurous Life In the News

A DIGITAL NOMAD AT 50? NO PROBLEM AT ALL! ~ Nomad Times, January 2020

An excerpt from the intro:

Hi Pam, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your lifestyle?

I’m not a nomad but I am location independent. Having an internet-based business for the last 19 years has afforded me the flexibility to travel extensively around this beautiful world. Earlier this month, Australia and New Zealand marked my 44 and 45 country and happily counting.

We are in love with your company Adventurous Life! Pam, can you tell us how the idea of Adventurous Life was born?

When I was 46, I found myself a young widow. My husband and I did a lot of traveling in the last few years before he passed away and we both loved visiting different countries around the world and really delving into the culture, learning more about the places we were visiting beyond the “tourist hot-spots”.

The Savvy Retiree Adventurous Life Article


An excerpt from the intro:

Deep in concentration, Jane, a sales coach, is writing a new chapter to her book. A few desks away, Carol, a social media virtual assistant, is creating content for a promising new client, while nearby, Donna and Adriane are talking technology.

From the rooftop of the brand new, state-of-the-art coworking space in Lisbon, Portugal, these digital nomads (and their peers) can view the majestic 25th of April Bridge that crosses the Tagus River. From the other direction, the hills of Lisbon, bedecked with tile-covered houses, glisten in the afternoon sun.

When they’re done working for the day, a few of them will take a ferry across the Tagus to enjoy a sangria and fish, some will head out for a walking tour of the picturesque and historic Alfama district, and others will dine in the home of a Portuguese family they met online.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m discussing the lives of hip, globetrotting millennials, but don’t let the stereotypes fool you…they’re all baby boomers.

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