[WEEKEND READ] How the heck…?

Hi! It's Pam and Linda, writing from Portugal again. :-)LOL...one of the questions we've been asked a lot is, "How the heck do you actually get work done when you're traveling to such cool places?!?"Fair question, for sure. It can be tricky! But we've made some discoveries about this kind of Adventurous Life travel -- working AND exploring fascinating destinations -- that make it not just possible, but in many ways preferable to the norm of working within the same 4 walls every day.Before we share those, we'd like to invite you to our Community Q&A next week, where [...]

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A Note From Lisbon

A Note From Lisbon Portugal has us all in her grasp -- all of us here in Lisbon for the pioneer Adventurous Life coworking travel adventure. :-)It's a little hard to describe the experience, but because so many have asked, Pam and I thought we'd try to capture the essence of the trip by focusing on two key elements: seeing Lisbon (and beyond) and experiencing Lisbon. In the next email, we'll talk about working in Lisbon.ALSO! Please join us Tuesday, June 12, for our Community Q&A about our coworking trip to Rome that's coming up in a few months. [...]

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Will We See The Material Girl?

Will We See the Material Girl? Pam writing to you today from sunny (but still chilly) Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Do you think we’ll see The Material Girl in Lisbon next month?You never know… Travelandleisure.com in September reported, “Pop superstar Madonna has confirmed that she officially moved to Lisbon, Portugal after her 11-year-old son David Banda joined the Benfica football team youth academy.”That's not all. CNN says “…Lisbon could be the coolest capital in Europe.” And we agree! Check out the full article here:https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/lisbon-coolest-city/index.htmlSo, you see? It’s confirmed. There’s never been a better time to visit Portugal’s capital then [...]

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Adventurous Life: It’s all about community

Adventurous Life: It's all about community Can you guess the biggest reason people are applying to go with us on our Adventurous Life travel/live/work trip to Lisbon, Portugal? Is it, "I can't wait to explore a new culture and place?" Is it, "I hear the food is out of this world?"Is it, "I could use a semi-structured time to refocus my work?"Nope! While we are hearing all of the above, the clear #1 motivation for coming with us is the having the experience in community! We'll say more in a second, but first we need to remind you that [...]

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Lisbon FAQs

Lisbon Q & As We figure, if one person asks, there are probably more thinking the same thing! And... we answered a lot of questions about this new way of living/working/traveling abroad... in community. Q. Do you need a visa to travel to Portugal? A. In most cases, no. Those traveling from North America do not need a visa with stays less than 90 days, nor do those from EU countries. For all others, please check your government's website. For all, you do need a valid passport does not expire within six months from your return date. Q. What [...]

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Have you heard of anyone DRIVING down a staircase?

Have you ever heard of anyone DRIVING down a staircase? Have you heard my travel story about having to DRIVE down a staircase in Italy? Or discovering a 2,000-year-old burial site on a hike?Or my embarrassing experience dancing tango in Buenos Aires? Travel stories like these are like FOOD for the travel-hungry soul. And one good travel story sparks another great story from someone else. After a session of travel storytelling, everyone leaves GLOWING!That's one of MANY fun activities we'll be doing on our Adventurous Life Portugal coworking adventure in May. (And I can't tell you HOW EXCITED Pam [...]

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Our First Destination

Our First Destination Oh mah gawd, oh may gawd, we are so excited to let you know where we're going for our very first Adventurous Life trip. We've spent countless hours on Skype and sending emails back and forth about possibilities. We're about 2,700 miles apart (4,350 kilometers), so meeting up in person is a little difficult. LOL We looked at so many different places that would be pretty darned awesome for a coworking travel adventure (and they may become one of our future trips) but one place, one stunning location was a clear stand-out. It checked off all [...]

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