Linda Puig & Pam IveyHi! It’s Pam and Linda, writing from Portugal again. ūüôā

LOL…one of the questions we’ve been asked a lot is, “How the heck do you actually get work done when you’re traveling to such cool places?!?”

Fair question, for sure. It can be tricky!

But we’ve made some discoveries about this kind of Adventurous Life travel — working AND exploring fascinating destinations — that make it not just possible, but in many ways preferable to the norm of working within the same 4 walls every day.

Before we share those, we’d like to invite you to our Community Q&A next week, where we’re going to answer ANY questions about how you can make this style of travel part of YOUR life and give details of our exciting upcoming trip to Rome (and also Bali).¬†¬†

Please join us Tuesday, June 12, and bring all your questions!

When people travel for an extended time with the intention of working AND exploring, everyone has a different work goal. And that goal then affects how and when you’ll actually work. Here’s what we’ve discovered are the main categories and styles of work while abroad.¬†¬†

Project Time

Jane Garee thinkingSometimes you have to wrestle yourself away from everyday work in order to start or make progress on projects you’ve been wanting to complete, such as writing a book, learning Facebook ads, creating a course, etc.

For projects, you’ll do well to put in 2 or 3 or 4 hours every day in the coworking space and then spend the rest of your time exploring and playing. OR to take 3 days out of the week and focus all day on the project, then do nothing but play in your amazing location (Rome? Bali?) for the remainder of the week, knowing you’ve made good progress. It all depends on your personality.


This is just what it sounds like: do what you need to keep the income flowing, but nothing more. No grand plans, just business as usual, but just the minimum.

With this as your goal, you simply do the tasks required. Have the client calls, send a promotional email, etc. Your hours may be primarily dictated by the tasks, though you do have some control over scheduling. Spend every other moment exploring cool new neighborhoods, taste-testing your way through the city, getting creative with your photography.

Lisbon wavy tilesLaunch

Because your audience LOVES following your travels, you have a unique opportunity to use your exciting location to boost visibility for a new product or program.

You can shoot videos while you’re there and send fun emails, all flavored with your writing and experience of your travels. You can do a webinar while you’re there. It creates a LOT more interest and intrigue in your promotion!

And that’s one of the benefits of using a coworking space when we travel: you’re always assured of solid wifi to do what you need to do!


This is all about the prefix “re.” Re-tooling, re-imagining. You may know that something needs to change in your business, or you may be wanting to transition into something new.

Lisbon coworking spaceBut the opportunity here in an Adventurous Life trip is not to just THINK about things. You can journal. You can brainstorm with one other participant, or with the whole group. You can try on ideas and see if they fit, soliciting input and feedback from the group.

Our Friday Freestyle gatherings have been good instruments for this, but so are the individual connections. There is a HUGE brain trust here!

So ponder this over the weekend. Imagine what YOU would like to do, and how you’d like to work…perhaps while you’re in Rome or Bali with us!

And make sure you come to the Adventurous Life Community Q&A on Tuesday! We’d love to explore with you how an Adventurous Life coworking trip can become not just a possibility but a PLAN for you!