Adventurous Life: It’s all about community

Can you guess the biggest reason people are applying to go with us on our Adventurous Life travel/live/work trip to Lisbon, Portugal?

Is it, “I can’t wait to explore a new culture and place?”
Is it, “I hear the food is out of this world?”
Is it, “I could use a semi-structured time to refocus my work?”

Nope! While we are hearing all of the above, the clear #1 motivation for coming with us is the having the experience in community!

We’ll say more in a second, but first we need to remind you that our deadline to join the Adventurous Life Lisbon trip at the earlybird pioneer pricing (which is AMAZING!!) is coming up fast.

When you apply, we’ll schedule a quick get-to-know-you session to answer your questions and make sure the trip is a fit for you. (We’re only taking 20.)

Once you’re in, all you need to do is take care of getting there; we’ll be arranging the housing, your office space and lots of community events.

You’ll live like a local, get work done in a cool setting, and explore a new culture to your heart’s content…in community!

More fun, more meaning, more possibility 

Sharing travel with others makes the experiences feel richer. Plus, you don’t have to eat dinner or admire sunsets alone.

One person said, “I love to travel, but I don’t want to travel alone. And because my friends don’t travel, that means I haven’t been anywhere in a long while.”

How exciting to be looking forward to a long-overdue travel experience!

Your business can benefit hugely from community

Think about it: you’ll be sharing the experience with other smart business owners, each of whom brings their own special talents, skills and expertise. For a whole month! (Or 2 weeks, if you simply can’t join us for the whole time.)

While everyone has their own business and/or projects to be working on while there, we will be fostering ways to support each other. You could receive a huge aha, a brand new idea, or a helpful resource, just by participating!

Plus, we can’t emphasize enough the creativity that gets unleashed just by being in a new and different setting.


Personal empowerment soars

Getting out of our comfort zones and trying new things feels a lot better when there are others with us doing the same. In fact, we are usually more courageous with others than by ourselves.

For many of our applicants, this will be their first experience of running their business from abroad — something they’ve wanted to do for a long time!

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment and confidence that will come from actually achieving that. (But not having to figure it all out on your own!)

So why don’t you apply, and let’s have a conversation about YOU joining us, becoming part of the Adventurous Life community on this Lisbon trip.

This way of traveling, living and working abroad for a month could be a real game changer for you!

Be Bold. Create an Adventurous Life.

About Adventurous Life

Adventurous Life is a remarkable community of travel-loving business owners and professionals, ages 40+, who convene in locations around the world for a month at a time to work in innovative coworking settings, live like locals in nearby housing and experience their exciting surroundings and culture together. Participants choose one Adventurous Life trip, several trips or travel the whole year going from destination to destination.