Lisbon, Portugal

Our First Destination

Oh mah gawd, oh may gawd, we are so excited to let you know where we’re going for our very first Adventurous Life trip.

We’ve spent countless hours on Skype and sending emails back and forth about possibilities. We’re about 2,700 miles apart (4,350 kilometers), so meeting up in person is a little difficult. LOL

We looked at so many different places that would be pretty darned awesome for a coworking travel adventure (and they may become one of our future trips) but one place, one stunning location was a clear stand-out.

It checked off all of our wants:

  • A bustling city with a cool vibe and a small-town feel
  • Vibrant arts and culture scene
  • Comfy workspace with solid Internet
  • GREAT food!
  • Beautiful clear blue water and sandy beaches
  • And on and on!

We can hear you now, “So, where the heck is it, Pam and Linda? Tell me now. Tell me now!”

Drumroll, please…

Pack your bags, we’re headed to beautiful…

Lisbon, Portugal


Portugal is on many people’s bucket list (including our own) because of the mild year-round temperatures, grand European architecture, world-class food (!) and, of course, gorgeous beaches.

Join us for a glorious full month May 20 – June 16 in Lisbon.

And don’t worry about being gone for so long from your work… take it with you. That’s part of the adventure!

Adventurous Life trips are an incredible new way to travel AND work.

Ready to join us? We’re now accepting applications.

Be Bold. Create an Adventurous Life.

About Adventurous Life

Adventurous Life is a remarkable community of travel-loving business owners and professionals, ages 40+, who convene in locations around the world for a month at a time to work in innovative coworking settings, live like locals in nearby housing and experience their exciting surroundings and culture together. Participants choose one Adventurous Life trip, several trips or travel the whole year going from destination to destination.