Lisbon Q & As

We figure, if one person asks, there are probably more thinking the same thing! And… we answered a lot of questions about this new way of living/working/traveling abroad… in community.

Q. Do you need a visa to travel to Portugal?

A. In most cases, no. Those traveling from North America do not need a visa with stays less than 90 days, nor do those from EU countries. For all others, please check your government’s website. For all, you do need a valid passport does not expire within six months from your return date.

Q. What about immunization?

A. Check with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Travel.state.gov site or your country’s relevant site for information to determine your need for immunization. There are currently no particular warnings for Portugal.
Q. Do you have access to group airfare?

A. No. Because our trips are available to participants from all over the world, group airfare isn’t really an option (different airline availability). However, we can provide you with some great online portals to search for the best flights for you. (i.e, try Skyscanner).

Q. What area of Lisbon will we be in?

A. Our coworking space is in the Alcantara neighborhood. Our housing will be nearby.
Once a thriving port on the Tagus River, the Alcântara neighborhood is now a trendy waterfront area where converted warehouses now house restaurants, boutiques, art spaces, museums, walking and bike paths and more — all with a view to the majestic 25 de Abril Bridge (a sister bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!).
Q. Live like locals = apartments rather than hotels?

A. You got that right! We scout out the best apartments or houses within residential areas so we can “live like locals” while we’re in a particular city.

Everybody’s done the “vacation resort”-type travel thing. It’s great but one of the draws for our folks is the incredibly different and delightful experience they get from being away from the super touristy areas to shop, eat and live just like the locals.

Q. Will the coworking space be used only by our group or is it used by locals too?

A. Us and locals.
That’s the beauty of a coworking space. We get to meet and mingle with locals, as well as the people with Adventurous Life. Draw on their business and area experience and knowledge too!
Q. What about time zone differences or using the workspace to deliver coaching?

A. Our coworking space is available to us 24/7, so you are able to work when it’s critical for you. Need to give a webinar at 8pm Portugal time? No problem! Personally, we like to rearrange our schedules for the time we’ll be away to be more convenient for both ourselves and our clients.

Q. Assume your price is in US$, correct?

A. Sure is. It’s the easiest currency for us to work with when we have people coming from all over the world.
Q. Is there a couple’s price?

A. We’re glad you asked. Yes, there certainly is! The second person in the couple will receive a discount of 50%.

Q. Is this a write-off for tax purposes?

A. In most cases, yes. But please be sure to check with your own accountant to ensure this is the case for you!

Q. Do private rooms have private bathrooms?

A. Sometimes they do, and when they don’t, we work to ensure that there is a maximum of two people sharing a bathroom. In some cases, ensuite rooms will be available for a slight upcharge, and will let you know shortly if this is the case for Lisbon.
Q. Can I join as part of the community but find my own accommodation? (I pet/house sit but would still be interested in what you’re offering.)

A. Yes. We are currently working on fees for this and will have it up on our website shortly.

Q. What if an adult family member (i.e., spouse) is interested in visiting for a few days?

A. No problem, as long as they’re sharing your room. Of course, it can’t be for days on end (or we’d have problems with our housing hosts/landlords) but a few days is not an issue.

Q. Is it possible to extend your stay?

A. We can certainly help with that. We can inquire with or put you in touch with the host/landlord to see if there is availability for you.
Q. Where will you be going this year other than Lisbon and what are the dates?

A. We are researching our next locations and will let you know by the end of February. The upcoming 2018 dates are September 2 – 29 and November 4 – December 1. Note: these dates are not written in stone and may change to suit chosen destinations.

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