Will We See the Material Girl?

Pam writing to you today from sunny (but still chilly) Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

Do you think we’ll see The Material Girl in Lisbon next month?

You never know… in September reported, “Pop superstar Madonna has confirmed that she officially moved to Lisbon, Portugal after her 11-year-old son David Banda joined the Benfica football team youth academy.”

That’s not all. CNN says “…Lisbon could be the coolest capital in Europe.” And we agree! Check out the full article here:

So, you see? It’s confirmed. There’s never been a better time to visit Portugal’s capital then now! We’ll be there May 20 – June 16. You joining?

It’s easy. Just click on the button below and we’ll set up a no-obligation interview so we can all discover if it’s the best fit and make sure all your questions are answered. Applications for Lisbon will be closing soon…

Rome KeyholeIn September, we’re heading to the Eternal City, Rome, Italy. This world-class destination holds both of our hearts. It’s one of our faves and if you’ve been there, you know why. If you haven’t yet, let us show you around!

We’ll be spending a month in this glorious local, living like a local, seeing all of the amazing ancient and modern sights, and staying productive.

Oh, and with homes around Rome, we might even spot George Clooney, Helen Mirren, Sting or Brad Pitt! (Brad Pitt, *sigh* – I’m telling you now, I saw him first! 😛)

Totally bucket-list-worthy, Ubud, Bali is our final place to visit in 2018. We’ll be there November 18 through to December 15.

Things you’ve got to see while in Bali:

Bali’s temples. There are over 20,000 pura (Balinese for temple) in Bali at last count, a widespread marker of Bali’s exuberant culture;
you don’t have to make an effort to see all of them, but you do have to see at least a few of the temples listed below.

Dolphin watching is another fun activity with an abundance of these smart mammals jumping and playing – especially great from the town of Lovina.

Of course, you can practice yoga in the spiritual Balinese environment. Yoga is part of the Balinese Hindu culture and has been the place of some of the most mystical yoga retreats
for decades. Ubud is definitely the yoga headquarter of Bali.

Oh, and I personally can’t wait to check out the Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave, just outside of Ubud. It’s an archaeological site of significant historical value that makes it a special place to visit. It boasts a relic-filled courtyard, rock-wall carvings, a central meditational cave, bathing pools and fountains.

Elephant Cave, Bali

Are you as excited as we are to hit one of the most beautiful, spiritual, visually awesome place in SE Asia? Cool! Click on that button below to send in your application.

I’ve been doing so much daydreaming this weekend, I just wanted to share. And I really want you to come with us. Travel while coworking and in community has completely changed my life. I’d love to see what it will do for yours.

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