hybrid experience

Unique Hybrid Experience

RomeIf you’re thinking of coming to Rome or Bali with us on an Adventurous Life coworking travel adventure, NOW would be the time to get your application in! 

Apply by April 30 to save several hundred dollars as you live, work and travel in Rome or Bali (or both) with us and other like-minded peers ages 40+! 

What’s it like to take care of your business from abroad (and keep making money while you’re exploring)? Come find out, in the safety and comfort of a community!

What’s it like to truly live like a local, not a tourist? Come with us and have your own super-satisfying experience. 

BaliHow might your life change if you joined up with other fascinating peers — all of us working in a cool office space, living like locals and enjoying amazing locations and experiences in Rome and/or Bali? 

In a nutshell, Adventurous Life coworking travel adventures combine elements of a live-abroad experience, a work retreat, a tour and a mastermind. But the experience is its own unique hybrid, giving you full freedom to enjoy the company of others or go off on your own whenever you wish.

Our earlybird rate ends after April 30 — and you won’t believe how amazingly affordable an entire month away is: less than half of what others charge for a single week!

It’s a new style of working that’s on the rise, particularly among 20-somethings. Adventurous Life is the first to create the experience for those of us who are 40+! 

Adventurous Life takes care of all the arrangements – housing, workspace, community experiences. All YOU have to do is get yourself there with your business (or perhaps a passion project you’re working on) and join in the fun!

It’s a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience you can enjoy over an over.