Postcard from Bali

Bali ParadeIt’s WILD here in Bali!

We’ve been here in Bali with our Adventurous Life group for only a week now, and have already had some amazing experiences!

I (Linda) sit now in our gorgeous coworking space, rivaled only by the even more gorgeous villas we live in, and I have several fun highlights to share with you.

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Bali TempleBali Highlights (aka Bali Bliss!)

My jaw is in a perpetual state of “dropped,” in awe at the visual delights that cram every meter here, whether it’s the lush greenery or the marigold-adorned steps and statues or the temples.  

I already knew, from friends who’d been there, that the Balinese have a deeply connected spiritual life. But I had NO IDEA how many temples there are nor how ornate their architecture and statuary. We’re going to explore three of the most amazing ones next week, one of them high up on the side of a volcano. Will send pics!

Bali ParadeWe were also able to witness an elaborate Hindu parade and ceremony up close. If you would like to see a video of that and follow along on our trip, be sure to join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram.  

Besides the incredible beauty, we’re all indulging in “extreme self-care!” As in several massages a week – since it is so well priced here. Yesterday, Pam and I both had a 2-hour session that included massage, full body scrub and a colorful flower bath (loaded with tiny pink, purple and red flowers) – for only $25!

The scooter scene here is so intense it’s almost comical. Tons of them, weaving in and out of the vehicles, going every direction and in every lane! But it seems to work, and a scooter taxi is now my favorite way to get around. Don’t ask me to drive one, though! (I keep trying to dissuade Pam from renting one, little daredevil!)

Linda & WayanThe people here – every one of them – are extremely friendly and gentle. They always ask “Where you come from?” with genuine curiosity. And to most, I am “Miss Linda.”

While we’re here and fully present in Bali, Pam and I are also turning our attention to our 2019 trips, especially our mid-January trip to Buenos Aires.

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