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Freestyle Fridays: What are they all about?

When Pam and I talk and write about our Adventurous Life trips, we tend to focus on the locations we’re in…or headed to.

Lisbon Adventurous Life GroupI mean, of course! They ARE amazing. And beautiful. And exciting. Portugal, Rome, Bali. (And our soon-to-be-announced 2019 destinations!) They’re the stars of the experience, for sure.

But what’s interesting is that when we ask our participants for highlights of their experience, almost all of them mention our Freestyle Friday get-togethers.

They are what truly make the experience of an Adventurous Life trip so unique — and SO VALUABLE to your business!

(Oh, and probably tax-deductible, too!)

So what do we do during Freestyle Fridays? Well, first we do lunch. Priorities, right? Yum! Then the rest of our 3-4 hours together generally includes these:

1. Resource share. Last Friday, for example, Pam shared SIX different links that can help you create/optimize/evaluate website headlines and email subject lines. So COOL! And then Patty typed them all up and sent them to everyone via the communication tool we use.

Geri & Adriane2. Request for feedback/input/brainstorming, etc. For example, Adriane is looking ahead at “what’s next” for her organizing business, and asked for our thoughts. Inevitably, our group includes folks with excellent expertise.

We probably spent a good 30-45 minutes, all offering suggestions or asking clarifying questions, and she left with some really good clarity and directions to pursue. That kind of opportunity is SUPER-valuable!

3. Mini-presentations. Everyone who comes to an Adventurous Life trip has a lifetime of professional expertise they’ve honed, and we love it when they share those with us! One of our participants gave us some secret (and awesome!) tips on how to get a slew of credit card travel award points.
Another time, 2 participants did an entertaining presentation on the important difference between sales, marketing and branding.

That’s not all!

We also get together Wednesday evenings for a community potluck, and Pam and I have started giving some targeted business-building workshops in the hour before we eat.

And fellow participants often help each other over lunch or dinner. Just today, Janet helped Geri flesh out a new plan for her business. Over delicious pizza and a beer. With kisses from waiter Mauricio gratis!  

Notice how food is always involved! LOL

So while Adventurous Life is about travel and freedom and community and new, bucket-list experiences — it can also be REALLY good for your business, too. (And your tummy!)

We’d love to talk to you about joining us in BALI in mid-November for an experience that could be magical for your soul AND your business!