Why do your clients choose you?

Do You Know Why Your Customer Chose YOU?

The answer is that you provide some kind of value to them. They did not choose you because your price was cheapest, or because you’re the only one out there. They chose you because in some way you were able to convince them that your value was higher than someone else’s. They believed your promise enough to pay good money to you to provide to them that value. What makes customers believe the promise?

Your Lead Magnet Was High Quality

We’ve talked before about your giveaway being relevant, high-quality and something your audience needs right now. It shouldn’t be something anyone would want; it should be something designed only for your audience and useful only for your audience. You can also provide low-cost items that aren’t free but are exponentially more valuable than the price if you’re not comfortable giving away something completely free. This works just as well and in some cases better. As long as the value of the item is very high and the item is highly sought after it will work.

You Taught Them Something

Your client might have chosen you because they joined your mailing list, and received a short e-course about something they needed to learn. They got enough insight into how knowledgeable you are about their business and their niche that they knew they had to work with you since you were able to teach them something so new and advanced. Never underestimate the power of your knowledge and expertise in this regard.

The Information You Provided Was Helpful

They may have been reading your blog, which you’ve designed to speak directly to your target audience providing free helpful information to anyone who comes by. Perhaps they read a very in-depth blog post you wrote on your blog or another blog that had you as a guest about something that fits in with their business model such as their selling cycle and were impressed at how much you knew about them.

You Motivate Them

You may overlook how a valuable a good motivator can be for a business owner. Motivating them to create new products, get new clients, do more marketing, and just do more will mean a lot to them especially as they realize their bottom line is growing by leaps and bounds since you came on board. If you know you’ve increased revenue for a client, that’s a solid benefit that you offer clients that you should talk about.

You Sparked an Idea in Them

You never know when something you say to your clients during a weekly check in will spark a good idea. Maybe you looked at their systems and methods and concluded that they have a big hole in their marketing plan and you gave concrete ideas and suggestions on how to fix it. This would be super impressive to any client, who will immediately recognize the value of hiring someone like that, and keeping them.

You’ve Connected With Them

Connecting with customers in a variety of ways is important today in this multi-channel marketing world. It’s imperative to offer many ways that your clients and potential clients can communicate with you so that they feel like they’re doing it on their terms and in the way that works best for them. Some people will love a knowledge bank and others would rather email you to ask the question. Some will want to post the question on social media groups. If you have connected with people and impressed them in any of these methods and given good assistance you’ve provided tremendous value.

Why You Need to Know

It’s important to understand exactly why your customers choose you so that you can repeat that with other leads.  Understand who they are, and why what you do is valuable to them, and connect with them on many levels and you’ll create more than a customer who chooses you once, but one who chooses you over and over again as well as advocates for you to others about your value.