Apply for Barcelona in 2018 & Save BIG

You know how, when you’re in the market for a new car, all of a sudden you see gazillions of the car that you’re interested in? In the same color??

That’s what happens when you say, “I’m going to Barcelona.”

All of a sudden, everyone you talk to is crazy about Barcelona and has it at the top of their bucket list!

That’s what’s happening now, as Pam and I are interviewing people for our 2019 Adventurous Life co-working trips. It’s “Barcelona everywhere!”

What makes Barcelona so enticing?

Ahhh, let me count the many ways…

WAIT, FIRST A REMINDER: When you apply for Barcelona or ANY of our 2019 Adventurous Life co-working trips before the end of this year, you’ll qualify to get in at our 2018 rates – which means a HUGE SAVINGS to you of $800!

BARCELONA (May)  •  PRAGUE (September)  •  SYDNEY (November/December)


So what IS it that everyone loves about Barcelona?

Gaudi building BarcelonaThe buildings. OMG, the architecture! This city has some of the world’s most unusual – and most stunning – buildings. There are whimsical oddities like Antonin Gaudi’s iconic structures (such as the Sagrada Familia), contemporary jewels, treasures from ancient Roman architecture and the gothic delights of the city’s medieval quarter.

The sea, the sun. Barcelona gives you the best of both worlds—a bustling city experience as well as gorgeous stretches of sand. And sometimes, they’re all in the same shot! We’ll be in Barcelona in May, before temperatures get too hot and before the hordes of tourists descend…really, just the perfect time of year!

Las RamblaLas Ramblas. Many people have heard of Barcelona’s iconic promenade known as “La Rambla.” It’s a lovely, pedestrian-only street that cuts through Barcelona for nearly a mile. But most don’t realize that Barcelona is FILLED with these pedestrian-only streets. Strolling “las ramblas,” having afternoon tapas and drinks at the various restaurants down the middle, feeling the beautiful sun…ahhhh!

The biz buzz. In the last few years, Barcelona has become a darling of Europe’s tech entrepreneurs. The city sprouts start-ups like a field of sunflowers, and you can feel the energy and enthusiasm throughout the city, but especially in the shared co-working office space we’ll be using.

Barcelona FoodThe food. Barcelona offers a fantastic foodie experience, with restaurants of every ethnic variety along with the city’s famed tapas bars and outdoor cafes. Or shop any of the numerous food markets (some of the world’s best!) to cook for yourself. The apartments we live in have full kitchens.

This is just a LITTLE bit of what Barcelona offers us. But perhaps one of the best reasons to come with us to Barcelona is the community of entrepreneurs you’ll be part of. On our Adventurous Life co-working trips, participants consistently praise the “community” aspect of the experience as a major highlight.

It means a community of business owners and professionals you can get input from. And it means a ready pool of folks with whom to explore the city, sea, food, architecture – whatever interests you!

NOTE: When you apply for Barcelona or ANY of our 2019 trips before the end of this year, you’ll qualify to get in at our 2018 rates – which means a total savings to you of $800!

Barcelona (May 5 – June 1, 2019) 
Prague (September 1 – 28, 2019)
Sydney (November 17 – December 14, 2019)