A remarkable community of travel-loving business owners

working on the balcony

Adventurous Life is a remarkable community of travel-loving business owners and professionals, ages 40+, who convene in locations around the world for a month at a time to work in innovative coworking settings, live like locals in nearby housing and experience their exciting surroundings and culture together. Participants choose one Adventurous Life trip, several trips or travel the whole year going from destination to destination.

The structure is a unique hybrid that combines working vacation, a living-abroad experience and the feeling of a retreat. However, all participants have full freedom to come and go as they wish during their stay on one of Adventurous Life’s trips.

It’s a new style of working that’s on the rise, but until Adventurous Life, it’s been mostly a thing for digital nomads in their 20s. We’d rather enjoy dinners together than bars. And while we may still be game to shake our booty, we’re not so keen on partying all night long. ūüôā

That’s why founders Pam Ivey and Linda Claire Puig (ahem, both in their 50s) merged their mutual love of traveling with their business to create Adventurous Life. Pam has experienced this live-work-travel model with the “younger” crowd, but she missed being with peers. Linda has traveled solo with her business a lot, but she missed having others around to share the experience with. Adventurous Life resolves both issues.

And to make it super-easy to live this laptop lifestyle, Adventurous Life takes care of all the arrangements‚ÄĒhousing, workspace, community experiences. All participants have to do is show up with their business (laptop) or perhaps a passion project they’re working on.

Ready to join us? We’re waiting for you!