Bali Massages

$10 Massages?

One of the things Pam and I are MOST looking forward to on our next Adventurous Life co-working trip to BALI is the $10 massages!

YES, you read that right: $10 for a 60-minute massage! We’re thinking we might just have to get one every day while we’re there! I mean, how much goodness can we stand?!

As a reminder, Pam and I are taking a group of entrepreneurs to BALI in mid-November for an experience like no other. It’s part retreat, part live-abroad experience, part workshop, part business mastermind, part tour — and because it’s Bali, part spa resort! And yet the entire experience is wholly unique!

Bali rice fields

We travel in community, work as needed in a wonderful workspace, provide valuable business feedback and input to each other, and come and go with freedom to explore the life that Bali has to offer us there, either on our own or in groups with other Adventurous Life members.

And that includes getting a massage every day if you want! Could be the best thing you ever did for yourself! (Maybe even your biz!)

Pam and I are going to be doing a videoconference next week with our partner on the ground in Bali. Details will be coming in a few days. ūüôā

David will be telling us all about what awaits us in Bali and answer any questions you might have about what it’s like to be in Bali for a month and working around other solopreneurs in this gorgeous bucket-list location!

In the meantime, have a look at the details for our Bali coworking trip and apply now if you’re interested in an amazing adventure that will make you feel SO ALIVE!

And, with all that massage…RELAXED!